A Kitchen Without Cabinets

a kitchen without cabinets

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10 kitchens without upper cabinets going without upper cabinets also helps the kitchen feel more like a regular room not a storeroom or pantry flowing easily into the dining or living spaces a very popular layout these days and even the smallest apartments and homes often have a little bit of extra space that can be grabbed for pantry storage, one of the easiest ways to make up for lost cabinets store less stuff in the kitchen chances are you have too many dishes small appliances that dont work utensils you never use packaged food thats past its prime and stale spices that lost their flavor and aroma ages ago, this kitchen from vt wonen eschews upper cabinets and makes room for a backsplash window sure to make working in the kitchen a more pleasant experience image credit mason st peter this kitchen from mason st peter is even more dramatically lit thanks to the corner window that wraps halfway around the space, how to arrange a kitchen without cabinets maximizing kitchen space measure how much space essential kitchen objects need clear storage space on the ground or walls and sketch a plan store the most useful items where they are easy to reach throw out food and appliances you dont use move