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acrylic bathtub paint with new bathroom paints on the market everything from backsplash tiles to toilet bowls can be painted and refinished these days acrylic tubs and showers are no exception with a tub refinishing kit you can change the color of your tub and shower or just freshen up your existing color, can you paint an acrylic bathtub i have an acrylic bathtub jacuzzi style that is an almond color i would like to change my bathroom to white so either i the most cost effective option would be to paint the tub for removal of the bathtub isnt just lift the tub it would most definitely affect the walls and floor as well helpful reply, depending on what material your tub surround is made with the task of painting it may be relatively easy or more challenging if your acrylic tub and the surround is all one piece you need to

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how to remove paint from an acrylic tub or bath an acrylic bathtub can make a beautiful addition to your bathroom and is often resistant to dirt and grime but be carefulacrylic scratches easily and many chemicals will dissolve or d, rustoleum 1 qt white tub and tile refinishing kit is a twopart epoxy acrylic designed to rejuvenate ceramic and porcelain surfaces like tubs sinks and showers in just minutes specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion durability and color retention in high moisture areas, epoxy paint is a twopart paint that hardens to a shine apply two to three coats to the bathtub using a left to right sweeping motion make sure the paint has plenty of time to dry between each application you can also apply the paint with a paint brush but it will take much longer and wont look as smooth

acrylic bathtub refinishing can improve the appearance of dull damaged or color dated tubs and when you get your service through miracle method we can save you up to 75 over the total cost of removal with our refinishing methods, if your castiron tub is looking a little rundown save some money and give it a new coat of paint rather than replacing it after filling in any gaps or cracks sanding down the interior and exterior and giving it a few coats of acrylic urethane enamel paint youll have a bathtub that looks brand new, i used a bright white paint and as soon as i started on the first coat i could tell a huge difference between the original bathtub color and the color of the bathtub paint the overall working time was about 4 15 hours but the overall time from start to finish including drying time after the prep work and drying time between coats of