American Beauty Bathtub Scene

american beauty bathtub scene lesterkevin spacey dreams of angelamena suvari in classic american beauty scene hope you enjoy, another of lesters mental escape sequences again mena suvari is actually pretty funny in this movie you can tell she was often intending comedic delivery again i think the movies hype during its time may have clouded that from being so obvious that and something else maybe, american beauty 1999 in kevin spaceys steamy fantasy his dream lover scarletlipped mena suvari is submerged in a tub of rose petals breathlessly awaiting his arrival i was hoping youd give me a bath she coos


yet being a somewhat new film this movies bathtub scene is only just beginning to attain iconic status thus it got the opening position today but thats okay for as you can probably tell from the intro this was a tough list to crack even with an awesome tub scene so mr boyles most recent opus should feel privileged to get a ranking

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the thought of having a teenage girl finding lester hot excites lester thus beginning lesters change throughout the movie american beauty motion picture 2000 i will be analysing two scenes of this film which i found to be the most significant in terms of how it helped me shape my interpretation of and emotional response to the film, american beauty director sam mendes a stage director working on his first movie makes deliberate choices in the way the red is used in the film its the color of the roses that carolyn burnham annette benning snips in her first scene the car in the background when col fitts chris cooper violently kisses lester burnham kevin spacey and the rose petals that appear in lesters , lastly ricky the neighbors son is a character that embodies the word beauty in american beauty ricky is not a victim of the american dream he is detached from the conformed world and searches for all the beauty in it there is a scene where ricky films a plastic bag floating in the air being thrown around aimlessly by the wind