Americast Bathtub Problems

americast bathtub problems

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picking the right bathtub cast iron vs americast the only problem was that they were all online exclusives and i needed a tub fast so i went to home depot to check their inventory dont go by the online inventory tool because its not accurate at all they had the villager there as the sole representative of cast iron tubs, the americast material makes the tub lighter by 50 and compared to a traditional bath made of cast iron it is more durable and is built to be roomier flatter and deeper the as cambridge 5 foot bath tub is available in a white finish as well as bone and linen and has a slip resistant surface, americast is an exclusive patented material used in american standard bathtubs it is american standards unique patented process that fully bonds a high quality porcelain surface with an enameling grade steel and a molded reinforcement composite backing

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americast is made out of enameling grade steel with a porcelain surface sound like it is prone to chips this will be our main bathroom and 4 people will be using it should i go with kohler acrylic insteadi have no clueso confused feel free if you are a plumber andor contractor to voice your opinion, for general cleaning of your americast products we recommend hot soapy water and liquid dishwashing detergents such as palmolive dawn liquid tide and granular spic and span bonami and gel gloss are excellent cleanerpolishers and can be used liberally and as often as necessary, there is no real difference between americast products from american standard and bootzcast from bootz industries both materials are composites but the type of composite from each company is proprietary which means that the materials makeup is not available to the public or to competitors keep learning