Ana White Farmhouse Headboard

ana white farmhouse headboard my bed is my favorite piece of furniture i have ever built my farmhouse bed has all the top qualities of a knockoff wood furniture plan cheap easy fast beautiful simple durable no special tools required, the bed that started it all some cleverly placed stud grade boards and some antique white paint and i give you a sturdy simple heirloom quality bed, finally getting around to posting had to clean the room to get good pictures i love the farmhouse style beds but didnt care for the price tag of store bought ones and decided to give building one a try

Ana White King Farmhouse Headboard DIY Projects

how to make a back porch swing using an old headboard

the headboard is ana whites moms fancy farmhouse bed headboardshe has plans for the whole bed but i just wanted to build the headboard i had to make a few adjustments because her plans are for a queen sized bed and we have a king, homemade garden shed plans 8x 5 vinyl storage sheds homemade garden shed plans decorative garden sheds chemical storage shed spill kit storage sheds on wheels, as a military family we move around a lot which means we need furniture that can easily be assembled and disassembledafter a bit of searching online i found these metal bed rail brackets and they were a dream to install you just screw them into the wood and the two pieces hook into each other