Are Kitchen Cabinets Installed Before Flooring

are kitchen cabinets installed before flooring

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why install tile before the cabinets if the tile assembly is installed before the cabinetry and permanently mounted equipment the installers job is easier since no finish cuts or sealant application are needed for perimeter joints at the toe kicks or finished sides of the cabinets, if youre determined to install the flooring first use a piece of plywood as a filler piece avoid installing the flooring in that area to account for the shelving unit this is a more difficult way of doing it but itll give you the best life out of your floors, few remodeling projects modernize the feel of a house more than an updated kitchen shiny new appliances and new countertops are every cooks dream but a little planning is in order to ensure

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floors first however if youre remodeling the kitchen youre likely doing so in a style you wont want to change later finally putting flooring down beneath base cabinets offers a clean look and saves you from having to install quarter rounds with your cabinets, cabinets and hardwood flooring before or after if installing a floating floor the answer is simple install the cabinets first because heavy cabinetry cannot sit on top of a floating floor or it will restrict movement and increase the chances of flooring separation however when installing a wood flooring nail down or glue down there are more factors to consider, if you are installing a hardwood floating floor or any floating floor such as cork or laminate you should install the floor after the kitchen cabinets are installed floating floors are clicked together and not adhered to the floor you can read more about floating floors here the reason for this is that floating floors move and they expand and contract