Augmented Reality Furniture Shopping

augmented reality furniture shopping

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home blog augmented reality ar the future of furniture shopping augmented reality apps augmented reality is one of the fastestgrowing technologies in conjunction with smartphones at the moment it is an interactive experience on your handset of the realworld environment around you by using the smartphone camera the objects that , augmented reality makes it easy for consumers to explore their options and make personalized modifications while online shopping with retailers who offer augmented reality shoppers can change the color of furniture theyre looking to buy to see how it looks in their home first visualize or understand products and features


even if you measure carefully before purchasing it can be difficult to really visualize how a piece will work in your space both in term of size and style to avoid these common annoyances of home decor shopping several companies have developed augmented reality apps that let you see a product in your home before you buy it, examples of augmented reality by furniture retailers consumers are well aware that augmented reality is available for furniture shopping from various retailers and over 60 percent of consumers want to shop for furniture using ar the use case is similar across retailers of furniture home decor and small appliances, augmented reality apps for business has been a hot topic for a while and ar is reputed to be one of the most adopted technologies in years to come for those who are looking for new ways to advertise their products including furniture business just imagine the situation you made market research you hired a good accountant decided on a business structure and defined your ideal customers, furniture shopping with augmented reality startup vizera makes a projector that adds realisticlooking surfaces to actual objects making for a new kind of shopping experience