Bathroom Repair How To Repair A Foot Lock Bathtub Drain Youtube

bathroom repair how to repair a foot lock bathtub drain youtube

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if youre fortunate enough to have one of these types of drains it should be an easy fix to remove the plugs from foot lock or roller ball tub drains simply rotate the plug counterclockwise until its free of the drain clean the plugs with a mild cleaning solution or vinegar and reinstall, bathtub refinishingalso known as resurfacing or reglazingis a valid option when a porcelain enamel or fiberglass tub becomes chipped badly scratched or crackedthe process involves first repairing any cracks or holes with a polyester putty or bondo then applying a spray or rollon coating consisting of epoxies urethanes polymers or a hybrid polyesterpolyurethane blends

foot lock stoppers get their name from the fact that you can push them closed with your foot while youre in the tub also known as toe stoppers these simple devices have few moving parts and are , bathroom repair how to repair a footlock bathtub drain bathroom repair bathtub drain plumbing home improvement dates dating home improvement projects home improvements a footlock bathtub drain can be repaired using a few common tools like a flat blade screwdriver, occasionally a bathtub drain stopper will get stuck and you will have a difficult time removing it there are a few different types of stoppers each with their own removal technique step 1 identify the kind of stopper a footlock drain has a smooth stopper without a handle in the center