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bathtub dimensions standard size and the one element that takes up the most space is the bathtub or bathtubshower combination a standardsized bathtub displaces over 13 square feet of floor space a comparable corner shower stall unit occupies about 30 percent less room 9 square feet, click here to request one common or standard dimensions for a freestanding bathtub are 60 inches long 5ft 30 inches wide 25ft with 19 inches of water depth 189ft small freestanding bathtubs can run 55 inches long458ft 27 inches wide 225ft with a water depth of 15125ft, bathtub sizes whirlpools will have the same dimensions as a regular bathtub except they might be not available in every standard sizes and usually refer as a bigger capacity and specifications products standard bathtub dimensions in metric system converting 60l x 30w x 20h equal 1524mm x 762mm x 508mm

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standard bathroom fixture dimensions tubs standard tubs with apron fronts are 60 inches 152 centimeters long and 30 to 32 inches 76 to 81 centimeters wide the depth can be as little as 14 inches 35 centimeters and as much as 20 inches 50 centimeters showers, take note that the even though tubs can be made of various materials the bathtub dimensions will still be based on the standard size of 60 x 30 for the rough opening practical considerations there are also other practical considerations you should put into mind when choosing among various available tub dimensions, dear readers we present to you the standard bathroom rules and guidelines with measurements which will answer common questions when designing a standard size bathroom bathroom planners should develop a strategy of using these recommended designs to solve the difficulties that people meet everyday when using a bathroom every detail in the bathroom counts in

standard bathtub dimensions the smallest standard bath is 5ft x 2 ½ feet 153cm x 76cm whirlpool tubs with dimensions of 5ft x 2 34ft or 153cm by 81cm are available recommended bathtub clearance 30 inches 76cm should be left as clear space along the edge of the bathtub, it is fairly easy to know if the standard bathtub dimensions are applicable to the one in your bathroom stand close to the tub get a measuring tape and get the size of the base width and lengthwise if the tub is wider or narrower at the base compared to the top get the top parts dimensions do not forget to measure the tub wells , what are the standard bathroom sink sizes and dimensions in general standard oval and round bathroom sinks have a diameter of 16 to 20 inches and an average water depth of 5 to 8 inches and standard rectangular sinks measure 19 to 24 inches wide side to side and 16 to 23 inches length front to back