Bathtub Drain Is Clogged

bathtub drain is clogged then boil water in a tea kettle and pour it into the drain after youve poured the water in mix 14 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of vinegar and pour the mixture down the clogged drain wait 1520 minutes and then pour more boiling water down the drain to finish unclogging your tub, about 80 percent of the time you can fix slowdraining or clogged tub drains in five minutes without chemicals and without a 100 plumber bill in most cases youll only need a screwdriver and a stiff wire or a bent coat hanger, the best ways to unclog bathtub drainpipes is with vinegar baking soda and scalding hot water the volcanic eruption that happens in classroom experiments happens in your drain eating away at hair dirt and grease

A Guide To Snaking Tub Drains

how to unclog a bathtub drain place the cup plunger over the drain so the entire lip of the cup seals against the tub surface the cup seal is critical because thats what creates suction and loosens the clog with the action of the plunger using quick forcefully strokes push the plunger down then pull up repeating 5 to 6 times, if you start to smell a pungent odor coming from your bathtub drain along with water backing up it means youve got a clog stinkiness ensues because hair dead skin oils and other unmentionable stuff getting stuck in your tubs waste pipes fortunately this is an easy fix for anyone, clearing out a blockage the first step in unblocking a bathtub drain is to look at it and see if you can spot whats blocking it in bathtubs often a build up of hair and scuzzy soap scum will actually close up a drain if you can see hair in the bottom of the drain you can often just reach in and pull the clog out

a clogged bathtub drain is a very common plumbing issue among homeowners besides the kitchen sink a bathtub drain receives a great deal of abuse, how to unclog a bathtub drain using baking soda and vinegar step 3 boil a pot of water and carefully pour the water down the clogged bathtub drain step 4 after pouring the boiling water down the bathtub drain pour ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar into the drain let sit for 15 to 20 minutes step 5, how to clear a clogged bathtub drain with the clog cleared inspect the stopper at the end of the linkage rod if it appears that the stopper was sitting too low in the drainpipe raise it by turning the rods to shorten the linkage tighten the lock nut to secure the stopper reinstall the stopper and linkage and screw the overflow plate to the end of the tub