Bathtub Drain Plug Stuck

bathtub drain plug stuck

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tub drain cylinder corrodedstuck author stuck i have a standard bathtub with a standard drain assembly and it drains really slowly according to the plumber the whole drop plugcylinder is stuck corroded in place closing off the tub drain about 60, if the stopper is too high then the bathtub will not plug up completely and will allow water to slowly drain while the tub is plugged if the stopper is adjusted too low when in the open position the bathtub will drain very slowly as the stopper is partially blocking the drain opening, the drain in our tub is slow and id like to snake it i was planning on going through the overflow drain stopper toggle plate but i cant remove the stopper and link from the overflow pipe it seems stucktheres maybe 12 of vertical travel and i cant pull it up any more

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the lever on your bathtub operates the hidden stopper in the drain if you have not used the lever in a while you might find that it is stuck this is usually due to the spring mechanism behind the faceplate repairing the stuck bathtub drain lever requires removing the entire mechanism from the tub often a simple cleaning resolves the issue, a bathtub with a triplever drain stopper works using an internal plunger that moves up and down inside the wasteandoverflow tube to pivot a drain stopper in the drain opening when the plunger is down it presses down on the stopper lever and forces the stopper up into the open position, push the drain plug down if it is stuck in the up position turn the drain plug in a counterclockwise direction while simultaneously pushing down with moderate pressure turn the drain plug until it comes free of the assembly