Bathtub Faucet Stem Stripped

bathtub faucet stem stripped

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if you have a leaky faucet you may find all that is needed is a new valve stem and washer the valve stem is located under the handle of the faucet they can rust over time or the threads could have stripped when a prior owner installed or worked on the faucet fortunately this is a fairly quick , how to unscrew faucet valve stem when its stuck ask question 3 im trying to replace the valve stem of a 2handle bathroom sink faucet all the instructions ive found online say to unscrew the nut atop the valve stem but my nut when it turns also turns the entire assembly how to replace stripped faucet stem 2

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taking the shower faucet apart is easier than it looks related articles once the shower valve stems become stripped the best repair is to replace the valve stems the original valve stems are easily removed and taken with you to the hardware store to find an exact replacement, how to remove a stripped setscrew from a bathroom faucet handle april 22 2014 1033 am subscribe you match the diameter of the main shaft of the screw then use brushes or tweezers or vigorous shaking or other techniques to loosen and remove the threads and metal shavings left behind after drilling out the screw posted by kalessin at 1044 am on april 22 2014, youll slip this wrench over the valve stem and onto the valve body then unscrew using a screwdriver stuck through the other end of the wrench make sure you have a snug fit with the correct size there are two sizes in common use in the us and most valve wrenches have both, around the stem at the faucet there is a packing nut and then the larger stem body which screws into the faucet back in the wall a set of tub wrenches are often required to remove the stem body