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bathtub for 7 month old while each baby bathtub has its own age range your baby will begin sitting up on their own around the 6month mark and they can usually graduate to the big tub at this point some baby bathtubs are made to be outgrown around then you can also continue to use many of the basin tubs even after baby is sitting up, my 7 month old isnt sitting unassisted reliably he will occasionally sit on his own for a minute or so but sits very well with just a tiny bit of help the bath tub that i purchased about 2 weeks ago is amazing its hit a little hump that keeps hit butt at just the right place with his legs positioned in a way that he can balance himself, munchkin sit and soak baby bath tub 012 months white 47 out of 5 stars 115 1679 16 79 2399 45 days free shipping on eligible orders add to cart see color options skip hop moby baby bath tub 3 in 1 smart sling blue 45 out of 5 stars 425 3000 30 00 3499 45 days

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does anyone have any suggestions for a bath tubseatwhatever for a 7 month old weve been giving him baths in the sink but hes getting too, i got a baby bath tub with the sling in it as a shower gift so that is what i used at first then we went out of town and it never dawned on me how i was going to give him a bath while not at home my son was not even 6 months old then i put some warm water in the tub and just layed hime down on his belly and let him play he loved it, im looking for some advice on the best way to bathe my 7 month old little man he can sit up on his own and has outgrown his infanttotoddler tub but it just isnt working to put him in the big bathtub for bathtimehe slides around and its impossible to wash his hair and to stand him up to wash his little boy parts

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at 7 months old you dont need to use a baby bath any longer i have given my lil lady a bath in the tub since she was born lay them down in the water and give them some toys to play with mine still rolls some of the time but with you to keep an eye for the danger shehe will be ok to roll a little just to get the knowledge of cause and effect, so my lo is almost 7 months im still using the same bathtub she had when she was first born of course i took the little seat out but i want a bigger once especially since she loves to splash and play with her toys now but i dont want to put her in the regular size tub because well im short and it hurts bending over the side of the tub, overall a nice versatile tub that we are happily using for a 2 year old and 6 month old update 61814 wanted to add that our 2 year old is a bit smaller than most 2 year olds in the 10 heightweight range so if your 1year old is in the 99 percentile you may not get the same amount of usage