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a couple of months ago i was looking up bathtub trays on amazon and while i was looking through product photos it struck me that they all featured women doing things one would never do in the bath she said eating salad painting nails feasting on massive cheese platters i thought it was funny and then closed the tab, if youre more of a shower person and arent really familiar with what a bathtub tray is its pretty much what the name suggests a piece of wood or plastic that goes across the bathtub where you can place your multiple phones tablets undressed salads rose petals and small lattes if youre kind of confused about that last part youre not the only one, comedy central jokes bathtub anxieties a little boy and a little girl are in the bathtub together the little girl looks down at the boy and asks can i touch ithe answers no way you already broke yours off, after a hard day at work or at the start of a relaxing weekend or vacation there are few greater pleasure in life than a long hot bath to really enjoy an extended soak you need a few accessories and thats where bathtub trays and caddies are a godsend with one of these babies you can keep