Bathtub Gin Cocktail Recipe

bathtub gin cocktail recipe the bees knees cocktail is a gin lemon and honey classic that dates back to prohibition the phrase bees knees was prohibitionera slang for the best, gin is a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries juniperus communisgin is one of the broadest categories of spirits all of various origins styles and flavour profiles that revolve around juniper as a common ingredient, ingredients 3 jiggers gin i recommend using hendricks gin 1 12 jiggers heavy cream 1 jigger applejack 1 teaspoon grenadine i recommend using jack rudy cocktails grenadine, lets get one thing straight from the getgo this is not carol burnetts bathtub gin remember this from annie this recipe came to me from gourmet live by way of the lovely folks over at the pecheits packed with some of my favorite fresh and dried herbs and spices

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words by ben iravani porters gin had an organic beginning first in the mix was myself a young engineering graduate not afraid to break the mould and spurn a stable career for the more exciting enterprising project of opening a cocktail bar, theres no cocktail as iconic as the martini that crisp and clear concoction favoured by none other than james bond though he admittedly often opted for vodka over the classic gin the ratio of

made from equal parts gin and sweet vermouth with two dashes of fernet branca this saucy cocktail was created from mixology master ada coleman a wellregarded bartender at the hotel savoy in london, gin a good spirit for the heart historically in comparison to the other distilled liquors on the market gin is a relative newcomer it actually made the scene in the 17th century originally for sale in apothecary stores as a blood cleanser, hi gin monkey would you recommend any other base alcohols to use instead if vodka etc tequila reply, hendricks gin and tonic served with cucumber and fresh rose petals