Bathtub Leveling Pad

bathtub leveling pad

Leveling A Bathtub Old House Journal Magazine

not flat or level use wood shims or a leveling compound mortar base to achieve flat level installation with noiseabsorbinglevelling pad if equipped supported 3 with product removed nail the 2x 4 stringer in place for steel stud construction use selftapping screws with flat washers, the other big difference is the bootzcast tub has a leveling pad on the bottom side of the bathtub there is no need for a mortar bed this saves you some time and material especially if youve never done a mortar bed before this makes it a perfect tub for a do it yourselfer we found this tub solid sturdy and easy to install, attached supportleveling pad makes setting and leveling easy for both diy and pro porcelain finish is colorfast and maintains original color and high gloss never discolors or fades like synthetic products aloha 5 ft bath tub offers a timeless shape and beauty that goes with any facet or tile combination