Bathtub Liner Problems

bathtub liner problems among the biggest problems with having a bathtub liner is that water can get trapped between the liner and the bathtub itself if this happens it can lead to serious problems as mold or mildew could grow in an ideal environment many times you will notice the water because you can feel the difference when you step on the bathtub liner, a bathtub or shower liner is a solid piece of acrylic or pvc plastic designed to precisely fit into the contours of your tub or shower unit unlike refinishing in which a spray coating of epoxy urethane or polymer material is applied a liner is a solid unit that is manufactured to the precise contours of a factory tub or shower and installed by a professional team, bathtub liner problems 1 a salesman comes to your home to have you sign a contract 2 if the salesman cant an installer then comes to your home to measure your tub 3 the factory uses the measurements to fabricate a shell 4 the factory ships the shell to the installer 5 another

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bathtub liners several problems that may occur are result of water building in the space between the existing tub and the installed liner this is next to impossible to remove without replacing the liner itself over time this water becomes stagnant and will lead to offensive odors and unsanitary mold and mildew, a bathtub liner is a custom made liner that literally fits right over your existing bathtub theyre usually made from acrylic but some are available in plastic or pvc poly vinyl chloride liners come in a wide range of colors so they can fit in with virtually any new décor ideas you might have for your bathroom

tub liners are molded acrylic inserts that install over your old tub you can place them only atop cast iron or steel tubs however so if you have an old acrylic tub this option wont work for you to order a liner a representative comes to your home and takes photos and measurements, the correct method for bathtub liner installation assuming the liner is a perfect fit from proper measurement the liner is dry fitted after cutting once its trimmed correctly the liner is dry fitted after cutting once its trimmed correctly, here completely covering the old tub with a liner may produce better results however if you have a unique bathtub or one whose shape you like refinishing maintains the same line just with a new surface also tub liners very slightly reduce the inner size of your bathtub which may be a problem for some people