Bathtub Overflow Leaking

bathtub overflow leaking

Bathtub Overflow Leaking YouTube

the tub overflow gasket sits behind the overflow plate and provides a seal around the overflow pipe of a bathtub like other rubber gaskets the overflow gasket can dry out over time an old and dry gasket becomes so compressed that it can no longer maintain a watertight seal

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the overflow pipe in a tub is specifically designed not to allow water to flood the bath eventually leaking through the boards and onto the ceiling of the room below but if this essential pipe has a flaw of its own then you may find the water running out of the pipe and soaking your ceiling anyway, related to check the screws on the overflow drain cover annually to make sure the seal is snug dont overtighten check the gasket for wear and tear once a year and replace if necessary call a licensed plumber if the gasket or the overflow drain that the gasket attaches to spring a leak, the danco waste and overflow gasket fits between a tub and overflow drain and provides a positive seal to help prevent leaks this rubber gasket offers compatibility with most waste and overflow connections