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bathtub overflow seal camilo morales getty images the tub overflow gasket sits behind the overflow plate and provides a seal around the overflow pipe of a bathtub like other rubber gaskets the overflow gasket can dry out over time an old and dry gasket becomes so compressed that it can no longer maintain a watertight seal, amazons choice for bathtub overflow seal essentially yours value pack kit bathtub drain stopper and bath overflow drain cover increase bathtub water levels seal your drain 43 out of 5 stars 119 999 9 99 get it as soon as mon apr 1 free shipping on orders over 25 shipped by amazon, product overview the danco waste and overflow gasket fits between a tub and overflow drain and provides a positive seal to help prevent leaks this rubber gasket offers compatibility with most waste and overflow connections the gasket offers the benefit of being entirely adjustable the danco waste and overflow gasket fits between

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how to repair bathtub overflow drain gasket it is not often that your tub overflow gasket needs to be replaced its lifespan is about 10 years this seal prevents water from entering behind the bathtub around the overflow drain the abundance seal is a rubber ring which fits in the opening behind the overflow cover, depending on the style it may also contain the tub drain lever with the cover removed you may be able to see the contact point between the tub and the seal try to fill the entire sealing surface with plumbers putty replace the cover as it will pull the overflow pipe and the tub together, check the overflow gasket a tub overflow pipe has a rubber or neoprene gasket behind it that will get brittle and compressed over time water reaching the overflow drain opening goes into the overflow where the gasket meets the tub and it can leak around the pipe rather than going into it if the gasket is old and cracked

how to replace a bathtub overflow drain gasket this seal prevents water from entering behind your bathtub around the overflow drain the overflow gasket is a rubber ring that fits in the opening behind your overflow cover by removing the cover you will have easy access to your gasket with a few simple hand tools you can replace your own gasket without the need to hire a plumber, bathtub overflow drain leaking we wrapped up a renovation the end of march that had a standard 60 fiberglass tub in the bathroom the overflow drain was a solvent weld style with a neoprene or such type of gasket to seal between the tub and the overflow flange, bathtub overflow gaskets behind this cover is the overflow gasket and it attaches to the drain it creates a watertight seal that prevents leaks these overflow gaskets loosen crack or rot over time and need to be replaced here are some tips to keep your gasket maintenance covered