Bathtub Remodel Cost

bathtub remodel cost

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bathroom remodel costs on average bathroom remodeling costs between 4578 and 13138 with most homeowners spending 8858 or about 125 per square footfor a small bathroom remodel you could spend as little as 2500 to 6000 whereas a large master bath remodel can run 15000 to 35000 the cost varies considerably depending on how much remodeling you want to do how large the , the national average cost to remodel a bathroom ranges from 12500 to 15000 depending on the size and extent of the project the cost to remodel a bathroom varies greatly factors like the current state of the space the specific bathroom remodel design plans and material costs can all impact the

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average bathroom remodels fall between 9600 to 11000 in costs a lowend remodels typically cost around 2500 while highend remodels cost around 23000 a shower and tub combination can be remodeled by simply adding a new liner over the current tub, the average bathroom remodel cost 11364 in 2016 according to the national kitchen and bath association with about 20 percent of that being labor cost a survey by nkba on design trends showed that half of respondents paid between 10000 and 29999 for a bathroom remodel while 31 percent reported paying more than 30000