Bathtub Stopper Leaks

bathtub stopper leaks

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sometimes leaks only appear when the tub is at full capacity image down the drain image by pix29 from there are two common tub drain stopperspopup drain stoppers and plunger tub drains popups have a stopper in the drain that pops up and down to allow water to pass or stay in the tub, how to fix a leaking bathtub drain by gail the constant moisture unfortunately it usually takes a long time before people notice that there is a problem fixing a leaking bathtub drain is so simple that almost anyone can do it step 1 remove the drain plug or bathtub stopper some drain plugs will simply lift out while others need to , bathtub stopper leaks fix bathtub stopper types use plumbing and heating expert richard trethewey shows how to adjust a leaky tub stopper see below for tools click here to subscribe to the official this old house youtube channel how to fix a leaking bathtub drain

a bathtub stopper is a device that essentially seals water in the bathtub and prevents it from draining there are a few kinds of different bathtub stoppers available each of which serve the same purpose even though they may look slightly different or are made of different material, plumbers putty when the gasket has failed on your popup drain and no longer acts as a seal to keep water in the tub plumbers putty offers a temporary fix until you can replace the gasket plumbers use this putty in drains and other fittings to prevent leaks, the tub drain and stopper assembly in a bathtub is designed to let water flow out of the tub when the stopper is open and prevent water from draining when the stopper is closed over time the rubber seals on the stopper the drain flange or both can harden preventing a tight seal