Bathtub Valve Height

bathtub valve height the height of a tub faucet should be about 40 inches give or takea couple of inches depending upon the height of each member of thefamily the spout should be placed 4 inches over the top edge ofthe tub, the bath tub is set in an alcove my question the new bath tub is substantially taller than the old 20 versus about 16 the old faucet handles were at 32 with the tap about 4 above the , in most cases however there are no codes to adhere to regarding the shower head and control valve height so common sense and good planning must prevail

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if your shower is also a bathtub ensure that the valve is low enough for bathers to use it but you can place it around 45 inches from the ground if the shower does not include a bathtub check local building codes looking up local building codes is a great starting point if you want to install your shower valve at the right height

shower valve and spout height is a matter of personal preference when youre building or retrofitting place the controls so that all users can easily access them standard height for the shower valve the handle that turns the shower on can be roughly waist high 36 inches above the shower floor or as high as 48 inches, location of shower faucet and head the tub spout will generally be located 4 inches above the rim of the tub in a shower only unit the faucet is placed higher at 48 inches off the floor the shower head normally is located 72 to 80 inches above the finished floor if the homeowner prefers an adjustment in heights, height above floor the minimum height for the shower controls area is 38 inches above the floor the maximum height above the floor is 48 inches the architect is given a 10inch leeway to place the controls as long as the controls are within 38 to 48 inches off the floor the stall is in compliance