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battle of waterloo farmhouse château dhougoumont originally goumont is a large farmhouse situated at the bottom of an escarpment near the nivelles road in brainelalleud near waterloo belgium the escarpment is where british and other allied forces faced napoleons army at the battle of waterloo on 18 june 1815, battle of waterloo farmhouse airfix forum airfix waterloo farmhouse 176 building and painting the airfix 1815 la haye sainte waterloo and the end of napoleonic war battle of waterloo stock photos battle of waterloo stock willgoto belgium waterloo 2015 reenactment , the waterloo battle has begun at hougoumont farm the lane was much narrower at the time of the battle and it ran between high banks on both sides but on the south side the ground was dug away to a depth of six to ten feet to provide the material for the lion hill so the bank on that side has disappeared

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rescuing the farm where wellington won the battle of waterloo joe shute visits the decaying hougoumont farm that will be restored in time for the battles 200th anniversary in 2015, wellington for his part now focused almost exclusively on his center he did not neglect hougoumont which was again reinforced but he spent the rest of the battle close to the crossroads major general sir john lamberts brigade was now moved up to behind the farm the prussians too could see the importance of the farmhouse count august von thurn und taxis who was serving as the bavarian liaison officer with prussian general field marshall august leberecht von blücher had a good , the battle of waterloo was be a watershed moment in european history finally ending napoleons military career and ushering in a new era of relative peace this is the story of napoleons final battle

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battle of waterloo hougoumont 1815 ad fast play rules for students home by matt fritz historical background waterloo 1815 ad napoleons stunning comeback from exile faced its great test when his french army fought the british near waterloo in belgium the british line was anchored on the right at the walled farm known as hougoumont, napoleons last headquarters about two miles up the road to the north the duke of wellington s multinational army bivouacked for the night not quite three miles behind them in the village of waterloo wellington himself fretfully spent the night preparing tomorrow there would be a battle in the farm fields just outside the town of waterloo, the small dernier quartiergénéral de napoléon museum is in the caillou farmhouse where bonaparte spent the night before the battle of waterloo in 1815 the museum in napoleons last headquarters is in the farmhouse where the french emperor spent his final night before his defeat at the battle of waterloo on june 18 1815