Bedroom Colors As Per Vastu Shastra

bedroom colors as per vastu shastra colors vastu how to choose the best colors for your home red red is a bold color it represents lust passion materialism base energies bravery power blue sky and water are represented by this color green growth nature relaxation healing fertility abundance prosperity , orange shades can also be used in the puja room yellow color for puja and study room as per vastu this colour signifies illumination light intellect and higher mental activity it is also a colour of goddess this color is best for maa lakshmi she likes this color, vastu colors for home red red signifies power and bravery this color must never be used in bedrooms as it has an purple purple inspires trust lighter shades of purple can be used for a soothing environment pink pink is a color of happiness joy and purity white white is a graceful , one of the best ways to stay peaceful in the bedroom is to style it according to vastu shastra this is the oldest method that is being used by people to bring harmony as well as prosperity in their lives it is believed that if one follows the correct vastu shastra while decorating his or her house it lets the residents stay peacefully throughout the life

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a bedroom in the north west this direction is governed by diety vayuthe location is the best for newlywed couples vastu guidelines for bedroom let us also explore the basic vastu guidelines that have to be followed in case of the bedroom1 vaastu shastra does not recommend a bedroom in the south east under any circumstances, directions for sleeping in bedroom as per vastu shastra sleeping with legs towards the east gives name reputation richness sleeping with legs towards the west gives mental harmony augments fondness for spiritualism sleeping with legs towards the north increases prosperity and opulence

therefore home owners should adhere to the general guidelines for colours as per vastu shastra which entails the following key points northeast light blue east white or light blue southeast as this direction is associated with fire orange pink and silver colours can be used to enhance the energy north green pista green, vastu shastra colors for home exterior suggests this colour to be used in the northwestern corner of a bedroom pink pink is a very bubbly flamboyant and distinct colour it can be used anywhere in the house suggested vastu for house colour, vastu shastra tips for master bedroom bedroom at southwest brings prosperity for the homeowner and enhances longevity avoid a round or ovalshaped bed vastu for bedroom get best vastu tips for bedrooms as per indian vastu shastra including vastu shastra bedroom color directions 34 key bedroom vastu tips, as per vastu shastra the best place to locate a pooja room is ne part also from the previous section of the article you can relate that the best colors for ne are yellow green and blue hence the best colors for pooja room are light yellow white cream light green light blue etc