Bedroom Has To Have A Closet

bedroom has to have a closet

About Your Room Marietta College

hi everyone architect here and in california there are no legal requirements for a bedroom to have a closet a legal bedroom must have minimum sqft of 70 minimum dimension of 7 feet in any direction 2 means of egress temperature controls between a specific range and smoke detector, in texas a closet is a room with in a room so no a room does not have to have a closet to be considered a bedroom a firemarshal can not just label whatever he wants to but be certain that whether its upright or collapsed and against a wall if there is a bed in there it is a bedroom, watched a video that said in to be a bedroom it must have a window closet and door and be 8 by 8 feet it was a coal company house that means all the houses look alike with 4 different sizes, six features that define a bedroom minimum window size the window opening must be a minimum size usually 57 square feet a heating and cooling element were talking a heater a space heater wont qualify as well as a way to cool it down whether thats by opening a window or good old ac