Bedroom Wall Colour As Per Vastu

bedroom wall colour as per vastu more on pooja room vastu pooja room vastu shastra kitchen colors as per vastu shastra the best place to locate a kitchen is the se corner of the house nw is the second best also you might know that se is the place of fire element and fire is represented by red color, orange shades can also be used in the puja room yellow color for puja and study room as per vastu this colour signifies illumination light intellect and higher mental activity it is also a colour of goddess this color is best for maa lakshmi she likes this color, colors and their meaning according to vastu shastra blue blue is the color of spring and new beginnings this shade is excellent for bedrooms and meditation rooms green green symbolizes hope it offers healing harmony and a good atmosphere it is an auspicious color for study rooms yellow yellow signifies wisdom and patience, the colour requirement of your home section should be as per its usage astronumerologist gauravv mittal says people living in a home should keep the following points in mind while colouring the rooms master bedroom ideally the master bedroom should be in a southwest direction and hence should be painted with blue colour

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the color of bedroom should be light rose pink blue yellow and green avoid black and red color in bedroom yellow and white marble should not be used in bedroom lighting as per vastu lighting is an essential part of bedroom comfortable lighting is the key to excellent bedroom the bedroom should not have too bright or too dim lighting, vastu shastra shows you how tweaking your bedroom can enhance positive energy and even bring couples closer to each other sunaina mehta a homemaker from mumbai had been quarreling with her husband a lot

as per vastu tips for bedroom colour avoid painting an entire room with this colour as it is an overpowering colour its variation into a lighter hue is the lilac or lavender which can now render itself as suitable for bedroom walls, bedroom wall colour as per vastu snakepress com stirring best colors for master bedroom as per vastu bedroom vastu for tips vastu for bedroom tips color directions bedroom colour ideas as per vastu new house interior design how to choose the right colours for your home based on vastu vastu colors room by home coloring guide, according to vastu for bedroom we should hang pictures paintings or inspiring quotes on the bedroom walls these should be the first thing you see when you enter the bedroom when rising in the morning from the bed the right foot should touch the floor first, one of the best ways to stay peaceful in the bedroom is to style it according to vastu shastra this is the oldest method that is being used by people to bring harmony as well as prosperity in their lives