Best Kitchen Table Finish

best kitchen table finish

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im refinishing a kitchen table in our shop maple and the customer wants a hard durable finish on it at least the top if not the whole thing legs and all for the cost would you go with something like ml campbells krystalduravar or with the pouron bartop two part resin, ive used it on a number of projectsincluding tablesthat i built for the new yankee workshop and for my own use it offers great protection has the look of a handrubbed oil finish and is easy to apply it also dries more quickly than brushon polyurethanes so theres less chance of dust getting in the finish, the best way to apply polyurethane to a kitchen table if you exclude professional finishes such as catalyzed lacquer or urethane polyurethane is probably the toughest finish you can find waterbased polyurethane finishes have low vocs and dry within an hour or two but they can look plasticky if applied too thick or in haste