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best living room wall colors the color scheme in the living room of this new york house was inspired by the outdoors a grass green on the walls brings freshness into the family room a grass green on the walls brings , 2 popular living room wall colors based on the wall color of 220359 living rooms we discovered that the 3 most popular living room wall colors are white beige and gray chart table below are the precise percentages, 25 best living room color ideas blank canvas sometimes white is the best living room color comfortable neutrals this room an easy on the eyes living room bold is best sometimes going bold is the best choice for your living room classic neutrals the best living room designs are , a sanctuary from bustling city life this urban living area is a perfect example of how monochromatic colors bring harmony to a room the color palette is very simple an ivory carpet and couch taupe tables and walls and purple accessories

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make bold canary yellow your living rooms focal color indigo tones down this powerful hue while giving it an inviting feel try adding texture and pattern to your palette by introducing a shibori throw or pillow as your indigo accent for extra impact paint a complementary statement wall for a unified wellrounded look that shines, this is the ideal background color warm soft and plays well with everyone its like the consummate party hostess who brings out the best in every guest its the perfect backdrop for blues denim chambray navy in a living room and makes olive green look fantastic

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the color palette in this living room includes shades of turquoise jade green and charcoal gray for a cohesive and sophisticated look designer caitlin murray unifies the eclectic mix of furnishings by painting the walls a bright white and using analogous colors throughout the space, 7 living room color schemes that will make your space look professionally designed 1 pretty with pink 2 a calming sea of blues 3 bold colors from art 4 defining space with the accent wall 5 the pop of color 6 neutral isnt boring 7 colorful balance, this subtle presence of yellow has the power to illuminate a room by adding a sense of sun it is the color par excellence to enlarge a room devoid of windows like a small bathroom or even to intensify the light effect of a room already very bright being one of the first colors that babies see it is also a perfect shade for newborn rooms, from which paint colors will work best in which rooms throughout your home to paint color ideas for accent walls to create conversationstarting visual interest in any room take in the 10 best paint color ideas to try for the year ahead and beyond