Best Way To Clean The Bathtub

best way to clean the bathtub ive recently discovered a similar trick to cleaning the tub using the swiffer wet jet with a clean dry pad spray the bathtub with whatever favored or homemade cleanser and wipe away with the swiffer the swiffer will follow along the showertub walls and can maneuver easily in between spots, you know the best way to clean it i assured him i was all ears in a grim sort of way he stepped out into the kitchen grabbed the new broom from the closet and the dawn dish soap from the sink and squirted dish soap all over the tub

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helpful hints for cleaning bathtubs for a deeper clean pull out the green bathtub cleaner standby white vinegar fill a spray bottle with a halfandhalf solution of vinegar and warm water spray the tub surface let stand for 15 minutes then wipe with a microfiber cloth or sponge rinse with clean water and wipe again, refill the pail with pure water drench a cloth in the fresh water and wipe the cloth across the tub surface to rinse off soap paste and vinegar rinse the plastic bathtub completely


the walls above and around the tub are the first things to clean if your grout is mildewed and dirty youll need to begin by using a tile cleaner and grout brush work from top to bottom following the instructions on your tile cleaner fully rinse away any tile cleaner residue you never want your cleaners to mix, rinse clean a detachable showerhead allows you to rinse off cleaner quickly and cleanly if you dont have one stock your cleaning tote with a removable rubber showerhead that attaches to the bathtub tap commonly used for shampooing hair or bathing pets theyre inexpensive and make it easier to rinse tub and shower walls after you clean