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buddhist altar designs for home there are lots of options to choose from if you are gifting buddhist jewelry for your valentine jewelry with buddha and buddhist mantras and sacred symbols is available with a cool choice of metals gems styles and designs, a mandala emphasis on first syllable sanskrit मणडल maṇḍala literally circle is a spiritual and ritual symbol in the indian religions of hinduism and buddhism representing the universe in common use mandala has become a generic term for any diagram chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically a microcosm of the universe, drawing from meditation eastern spirituality and zen traditions buddha grooves earrings feature some of the most beautiful symbols in the worldincluding the lotus flower the yin yang the tree of life om and others, when the breeze blows buddhist prayer flags harmony happiness and good fortune are spread among all living beings these prayer flags are squaresrectangles of colored fabric with symbols mantras sutras and prayers that enhance the spirits and lives of anyone nearby the flags fly anywhere

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kanishka was a kushan of probable yuezhi ethnicity his native language is unknown the rabatak inscription uses a greek script to write a language described as arya αρια most likely a form of bactrian native to ariana which was an eastern iranian language of the middle iranian period however this was likely adopted by the kushans to facilitate communication with local subjects, as buddhism took root in china it became a major cultural force inspiring some of chinas most brilliant paintings and sculptures the periods of chinese buddhist art closely parallel the phases the buddhist religion was going through in china

bronze statues photo tour in the asuka nara periods gilt bronze statues kondō 金銅 were imported in great number from korea and china and reproduced in japans courtsponsored workshops bronze 青銅 and copper 銅 were the most popular sculpting materials as well as dry lacquer 乾漆像 and clay 塑像 by the nara erawood statues too were mostly imported or copied from , the tradition of buddhas robe a dharma talk given by sr candana karuna at ibmc 92406 during the past year ive noticed a lot of people wondering about buddhist robes why are there so many different colors and styles why are they worn what do they mean whats the, coinindia history and coins of india kanishka i is no doubt the most famous kushan king and even perhaps the greatest although his son huvishkas empire was probably bigger and coinage more copious, ritual tools altar supplies writing materials and household necessities those who perform rituals engage in spiritual practices set lights or practice spellcraft on a regular basis usually find it convenient to maintain one or more altars where the work is performed