Can You Haggle Furniture Prices

can you haggle furniture prices always negotiate prices at the furniture store the next time you need to shop for furniture dont be afraid to haggle down the price marketwatch explains that furniture is one of the most markedup products you could buy most retailers mark prices up by about 80 the article notes and when theres a sale, december 18 2009 buying a floor model and paying cash are only two of the many techniques that can help you negotiate the price of furniture a 2013 consumer reports survey showed that 91 percent of shoppers who haggled for furniture got a price reduction at least once however more than half of furniture customers didnt even try to negotiate, 11 retailers where you can negotiate a lower price in many parts of the world haggling is a way of life you would never think of paying the sticker price and to be honest the retailer would be offended if you didnt try to negotiate in america things are a little different

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well unfortunately unlike cars where there are ways to get regional average sales figures as reference points for negotiation i have no idea just how much to haggle observations 0 the sofa is 900 1 the love seat is only 30 less than the sofa 870 obviously this is loaded with margin, 5 you should never pay the full sticker price getting a good price at a furniture store doesnt just mean shopping during a sale most furniture retailers mark up their prices by about 80 and

just as you should set a maximum price estimate a minimum before you negotiate as well a laughably low price will only waste your time and the salesmans keep in mind that most furniture salesmen work on commission, you will be amazed on how much they are charging you i will also let you know what to expect as to why you cannot so they say haggle prices and why you should never pay a delivery charge also i will reveal the truth behind the protection plan a big joke and why you should never buy this, with furniture if you can question the value of the couch you can haggle that is you need to be able to say that the same quality of a similar product is available elsewhere for cheaper if so ask for that price if they say no go to their competitor another option is to find out if their kpm is dollars or units sold