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change bathtub color how to change a bathroom tub color step 1 clean all dirt soap scum and limescale from the tub using a powdered cleanser step 2 sand the entire surface of the tub until it is no longer shiny step 3 apply painters tape around the edges of the bathtub and to the fixtures step 4 add the , porcelain fiberglass and castiron tubs can all be refinished 3 tub liners at prices equal to or greater than refinishing bathtub liners are not the bargain option but they are always cheaper than full replacement and unlike refinishing you never worry about the finish wearing away, changing the colour of your fiberglass bathtub if you have a fiberglass shower or tub thats a light tan blue almond or some other ugly colour and you want to change the color to a nice brilliant white or the latest shade of grey to match in with the rest of your bathroom then just follow these simple steps

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change color bathtub some old tubs may be cast iron or porcelain while newer tubs may be fiberglass ceramic or acrylic or have an enamel finish certain paints adhere better to certain surfaces so look for a paint designed for your tubs surface or use a multisurface paint, bath glaze of lacrosse is your professional color change expert to make your tub and bath dream a reality the best part is we do this at cost anyone can afford tub tile marble and surround replacements can cost thousands bath glaze of lacrosse uses your existing bath components changes the color and restores as needed to give you, the new place has an olive color tub in one bath a peach colored one in the other we really dont want to spend the money on 2 new tubs this is a perfect solution for us thanks for sharing the howto

the finished result is what you see in the video a recolored bathtub that updates the whole look of the bathroom and is going to last for many more years to come for the next homeowner, fiberglass tubs and showers can seem particularly difficult to recolor but if you have the proper instructions and supplies the process can be easy and provide stunning results fiberglass tub and shower sand the tub and shower with a 320grit sand paper until the surface is dull, fiberglass bathtub refinishing miracle method can repair most damage including cracks and even change the color to compliment any redecorating plan and refinishing is done without removing the fixture this is a huge advantage for many onepiece fiberglass shower units which are often builtin to the structural framing of the bathroom walls