Converting Bathtub To Shower

converting bathtub to shower to convert your tub consider these two options to make the best decision 1 tear out the tub and build a new shower this is not a small job so know your diy abilities or call a professional contractor to help you assess the space and potential solutions, a tub to shower conversion is a great upgrade for your bathroom with one exception get tips costs and advice on tub to shower conversions today, before beginning a bathtub to shower conversion youll need to remove some of the tile and drywall around your tub in order to tear it free follow these steps cover floor with plywood to prevent tile damage turn off water to the bathroom at your homes main water shutoff valve unscrew the drain cover overflow drain cover and faucet knobs, cover your bathroom floor with plywood or tarp and turn off the water to the bathroom use your screwdriver and allen wrench to remove the drain cover shower curtain rod faucet knobs and any other fixtures in the area next disconnect the main and overflow drains by using your wrench turn counterclockwise to turn the locking nut

Convert Bathtub To Shower Stall Tub Conversion Kit Lowes

converting a tub to a shower space is the best way to get that walkin shower in a smaller bathroom area but you may decide that you either dont have enough space or you want to do something a little larger and that entails relocating the plumbing for the shower in most cases this is a job for a professional plumber or advanced diyer, tub to shower conversion rarely use your tub turn it into an extralarge shower that is easier to access looks great in your bathroom and lasts a lifetime our installation process we simply remove your bathtub and replace the tub surround with an attractive durable extralarge shower

before you start any demolition work take some measurements to make sure your tub to shower conversion plans are up to code shower stall needs to be at least 30 inches x 30 inches the national kitchen and bath association recommends building the stall at least 36 inches x 36 inches but most building codes will accept the former, giving your bathroom the fresh new look and feel you envision could be as simple as a bath to shower conversion unlike traditionally expensive timeconsuming remodels bath planet can get your new bathroom ready to use in as little as a day bathtub to shower conversion is popular for many households, a shower to bath conversion from bath planet eliminates the hassle and high price tag of other bathroom remodels our bathtubs are created using extremely durable acrylic making them as longlasting as they are tasteful and stylish the nonporous material also makes them lowmaintenance and ready to withstand the tests of time, convert shower to bath once your beautiful new bathtub is installed maintenance and cleaning are easy and stressfree because the acrylic material is nonporous using water a rag or sponge and some simple 409 cleaner will usually do the trick