Cost To Replace Bathtub With Shower Stall

cost to replace bathtub with shower stall to replace a bathtub with a shower stall a plumber charges 2800 but you can do it yourself for 1300 enter your zip code and adjust the cost for where you live, cost is 200 to 2000 depending on options if you want a custom tile shower the cost jumps quite a bit usually around 1000 to 3500 depending on complexity size and the type of tile and fixtures you choose add another 500 to 1000 for tearout new plumbing pipes fixtures and any custom carpentry, the total cost to install ceramic tile in the shower stall will range from 1500 2600 while porcelain tile can be 18003500 depending on the tile quality and design installing a tile baseboard labor only can cost 200375 , the total cost for a new shower surround should average 1200 to 2000 for tile shower installation youre probably looking at a minimum cost of at least 1500 although intricate laborheavy designs and addons such as new faucets and a tub could easy bring the price up to 5000 or more

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an alternative to a full bathtubshower kit is to use a wall kit which is an excellent option if your bathtub is in good shape and doesnt require replacementa wall kit includes only the alcove wall panels not the bathtub or shower pan the tub stays in place but you cover the walls above the tub with prefabricated panels that complete the shower enclosure, replacing a bathtub with a full walkin shower is an expansive and aesthetically pleasing addition which will also increase the value of your home

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showertub showertubs are designed to have the dual appeal of a shower and a bathtub the average cost is 40000 to 60000 for the tub and walls installation costs another 100000 or more depending on complications such as running new plumbing installing a unit on an upper floor etc, its generally about the same price range for the average tub or shower replacement if youre replacing a tub with a tub or a shower with a shower and arent adding new features the typical cost is about 3000 to 5000 this is when people want a new tub or shower environment generally for a facelift, shower tile reglazing cost before you replace your shower tile try reglazing or refinishing it shower tile reglazing is cheapest way to bring new life to your very dated or very dirty shower just like retiling reglazing can be done without a bathroom professional but very few homeowners will see the same results, how much does it cost to replace a tub the cost to replace a bathtub is around 2500 how much does it cost to put in a shower the average cost of a shower stall installation is between 810 and 930 how much does it cost to put in a tile shower a ceramic tile shower costs around 16002120 how do you install a shower base