Cramped Hallway Laundry Closet That Needs To Do More

cramped hallway laundry closet that needs to do more

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richard mandelkorn a newly connected hallway leading to the master suite had the added benefit of a new laundry closet squeezed in the original home had a cramped closet in the kitchen downstairs the space was made efficient with a countertop for folding a hanging drying rack and cabinet for storage, making that unpleasant chore easier and more efficient leaves more time for the yummier things in life so heres how we transformed our hallway into a laundry and ironing center here is our 2nd floor hallway before the laundry center improvements this is that hallway after a laundry closet and ironing center were added, a cottage hall is filled with a sliding door on rails which opens to a small laundry room filled with a stacked washer and dryer alongside a gray striped runner lg sidekick washer and dryer features a pedestal stand drawer for convenient space saving storage in this eclectic closet laundry room, save space in closets hallways and more floorlevel space and top shelves can hold canvas boxes and bins for outofseason clothing and shoes keep totes and handbags in sight but out of the way on the high shelf to ensure that no space is wasted you can even install a shelf above lower hanging rods to hold trays for scarves and gloves