Does Bill Gates Have A Yacht

does bill gates have a yacht no he does not own any superyacht he is however often linked to large yachts around the world naming them the yacht of bill gates he does have a lot of relatives friends and business partners who do own large yachts therefore he is often spotted at large super yachts around the world, bill gates house cars art collectibles yacht and jet gates is regarded as a art collector he has purchased many art collections including an oil painting named lost on the grand banks by winslow homer which he purchased at 36 million he also purchased another art collection polo crowd by george bellows at 28 million, take a tour of this 330 million yacht bill gates rented for a week if youre a russian vodka tycoon whose net worth is somewhere between 500 million and 15 billion what do you do with your , yachthouse for bill gatess 14 billion steven spielbergs yacht seven seas departing fort lauderdale on 3 bill gates car collection 5100000 million car

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the cars of bill gates bill gates is the founder of microsoft which provided millions of computer users an operating system called windows so that it could be used easily and productivity software called microsoft office to enhance the way we do things at the height of its dominance in the market microsoft was called the evil empire, bill gates does now own a yacht but he did rent out one in august 2014 for 5 million for a week he went vacationing with his family onboard the superyacht serene along the coast of sardinia italy the 436ft yacht belongs to vodkamagnate yuri scheffler and is valued at 330 million

luxury fit for a billionaire the 5 millionaweek boat chartered by bill gates the serene was built in 2011 for the owner of stolichnaya vodka yuri scheffler, these days microsoft founder bill gates is more concerned with helping to save the world than creating the next big gadget but when the worlds richest man goes on vacation he does it like no one else the new york daily news captured some photos of gates aboard the serene a 330 million dollar yacht that gates and his family are renting for 5 million per week, video up close with the 300m superyacht where bill gates is holidaying the serene is the 5mperweek superyacht where the microsoft founder and his family are spending their summer vacation, the 133m436ft superyacht serene has welcomed aboard the worlds wealthiest man bill gates and his family for a charter vacation in the beautiful cruising grounds of sardinia as one of the largest superyachts in the world and equipped with every conceivable amenity in addition to an in impressive crew of 52 the 2011 fincantieribuilt motor yacht serene was the perfect choice for this ultraluxurious vacation