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expensive bathtubs the 10 most luxurious bathtubs 10 le cob glass bathtub 9 the diamond bathtub 8 red diamond 7 kallista archeo copper bathtub 6 serenity bathtub 5 baldi amethyst bathtub 4 baldi malachite bathtub 3 the baldi rock crystal bathtub 2 golden bathtub 1 le grand queen, most expensive bathtubs 1 le grand queen 1700000 2 golden bathtub 990000, lets get right into it here are the worlds 10 most expensive and luxurious bathtubs money can buy 10 le cob glass bathtub price 34000 designed by joseph licciardi this bathtub is a little bit unusual because it features transparent sides in a day and age where intimacy is highly overrated this item definitely fits in

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also known as frp or fiberglassreinforced plastic this is typically going to be the least expensive bathtub material, this material is the least expensive and the most lightweight fiberglass tubs are some of the easiest to install this is also the thinnest material and more prone to fading scratches or cracking porcelain enameled steel these tubs are another less expensive alternative to acrylic or cast iron

top 10 luxurious and expensive bathtubs in the world 1 le grand queen le grand queen is the bathtub that is made from caijou 2 golden bathtub golden bathtub was made from the pure gold and was specially made for 3 the baldi rock crystal bathtub the baldi rock crystal is the tub that , worlds most expensive bathtubs by jeremy 14 comments nothing says luxury like lazing the hours away in a tub that costs more than a lot of houses those looking for such a tub however have a few more options than they used to if youre not happy with plain porcelain you can purchase a tub made from fine materials or hitech gadgets , bathtubs at modo bath are sourced from the industry leaders and are made to the industrys highest standards our focus is to bring luxury quality and design to the bathroom with our wide selection of bathtubs we are confident you will find the perfect bathtubs for any bathroom decor