Facts About The Giant Japanese

facts about the giant japanese

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the asian giant hornet is the largest species of hornet in the world with some queens reaching more than 5cm in length they are found throughout eastern asia particularly in japan where they are commonly known as the giant sparrow bee, japanese spider crab facts anatomy diet behavior habitat the japanese spider crab macrocheira kaempferi is the largest of all crustaceans it occurs on muddy or sandy bottoms in water to a depth of 30 50 m 100 160 ft the crab is thought to feed on echinoderms molluscs crustaceans and worms it is also known as takaashigani means tall leg

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unbelievable facts may 8 2016 animals bizarre deaths humans the japanese giant hornets are japans deadliest animal and they are not kidding around they can kill forty honeybees in a minute melt flesh by shooting acid at their prey and cause renal failure in humans, japanese giant salamander the secondlargest salamander species in the world these longlived salamanders lurk in rocky fastflowing streams in japan they have a single lung that they use to control buoyancy not to breathe as a giant salamander grows older its eyes recede into its head, unfortunately the asian giant hornet will sting humans if need be people that have been stung describe the pain as excruciating this makes sense considering their stingers are about 14 inch long and can expel a venom so powerful that it can dissolve human flesh, 4 the japanese spider crab has the largest leg span of any arthropod in the world reaching up to 38 meters or 12 ft from claw to claw and weighing up to 41 pounds or about 19 kg