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furniture capital of the world before earning its reputation as the worldsgoto furniture shopping destination north carolinas presence in the furniture industry began in the 1890s with just six furniture plants since then the industry has expanded in many ways and today many of the worlds foremost names in furniture call north carolina home, the point is this gaining the reputation as fashion or furniture capital of the world happens for a reason people recognize the artistry quality and craftsmanship of the pieces like we mentioned earlier theres a reason why north carolina has such an amazing reputation around the world, evolution of furniture industry by 1959 north carolina had become the state employing the most number of people in the furniture industry beating out new york in 1961 the state magazine declared that high point in guilford county is the worlds leading manufacturing center of wood furniture

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hartford connecticut according to the gale guide to cities of the united states hartford connecticuts state capital and second largest city is known as the insurance capital of the world , weve got you covered as the next owner of this quirky landmark youll be in good companydown the street at furnitureland south is the worlds largest highboy it stands 80 feet tall and 15 minutes away in thomasville nc stands the worlds largest chair for more information contact carol milligan allen tate realtors at 336 9061540, known as the chair city and the furniture capital of new england gardner massachusetts has a long and important history in furniture production the furniture industry in gardner traces its origins to 1826 when five brothers in the heywood family began to build furniture in a barn near their fathers farm

how a small southern town became the furniture capital of america this weekend masses of design bigwigs from new york los angeles san francisco chicago and europe will all descend upon one tiny seemingly unassuming town in the foothills of north carolinas piedmont mountains for all the unlikelihood of this scenario, sheboygan furniture capital of the world the factory had once been the site of the american house a pretentious brick and frame hotel built by louis c gury in the mid1850s the hotel stood empty for several years until minott and crocker purchased the building and converted it into a furniture factory, high point city furniture capital of the world hailed as the third largest metro area in the united states garnering a population of 16 million high point city is located in the piedmont triad of north carolina it is also the ninth largest municipality in north carolina in terms of population