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furniture plural

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a more complete answer would include that furniture can be a count noun plural furnitures when talking about say 15th and 16th century french furnitures and a deeper analysis is that furniture is etically discrete you can count the chairs etc but syntactically noncount it takes a singular verb as usually used, hello everbody i dont know whether to use singular or plural verbs when talking about furniture i know that furniture is an uncountable noun but actually i dont know even if it has something to do

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furniture usually uncountable plural furnitures now usually uncountable large movable items usually in a room which enhances the rooms characteristics functionally or decoratively the woman does not even have one stick of furniture moved in yet, furniture is noncount it doesnt have a plural as with other noncount nouns you can say pieces of furniture theres another word that is plural but it means more than just furniture it includes the ornaments the carpets the curtains et al all the furnishings were in the best possible taste, the answer is the latter the plural form of furniture is the same furniture it is one of those nouns that does not change its plural nor singular form for example in the case of sheep we have both the plural and singular being the same sheep