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garage vs carport cost on average prefabricated garage kits are about double the price of carport kits plan on spending at least 10000 to 15000 custombuilt garages are far more expensive although the price varies widely depending on the size configuration finishing options and materials used the total cost could easily reach 50000 or 100000, the average cost of a very basic garage is about 30 a square foot for installation which makes a 20x20foot garage cost around 13200 keep in mind that finishing costs and materials usually add another 20000 to the total for an average cost of 33200 for a fully enclosed garage with doors, carports pros it will cost you half as much to build a carport as a garage and you wont have to bother with so many city regulations and fire safety considerations during construction because a carport isnt an enclosed or livable space its not necessary to build firerated walls or ceiling, carport vs garage which is better the big downside of carports however is that your car will be protected only so much it will still be exposed to dust dirt and damage and security will be

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a carport can protect your car from the elements and create a covered work area of needed as well if you are concerned about the cost of building a carport here are a few things to consider that can affect the price since the cost varies greatly homeadvisor homeowners paid anywhere between 3405 and 10213 and the average falling at 6733, the cost is also influenced by the size and configuration of the garage and how much of the construction you take on versus hire out a very small prefabricated wood garage might cost 10000 to 15000 compared to about 5000 to 8000 for a similarlysized steel garage kit

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cost vs everything else on the other hand a carport is less expensive to build and could increase property value by 700 to 10000 depending on location and footersbut for some such a large gap in potential roi may not be enough to start planning, a carport garage the quicker more costeffective solution construction cost as noted before a carport can be built for a fraction of the cost of building a garage construction classification whereas building a garage is a more involved process a carport project is usually considered an outbuilding that doesnt require planning consent, the cost of the project depends on the design size materials used labor and any extras included such as electronic door heavy insulation and storage space below is a breakdown of expenses to expect when you convert your carport into a garage cost of materials a standard carporttogarage renovation cost ranges from 8000 to 10000, carport cost in fact the average garage installation cost is 23600 luckily the average cost to build a carport is just under 6000 with most homeowners spending between 4000 and 7100 this price assumes a twocar carport