Gin Bathtub

gin bathtub bathtub gin gin was the predominant drink in the united states during the prohibitionera 1920s and many variations were created bathtub gin was developed in response to the poorquality of alcohol that was available at the time, bathtub gin refers to any style of homemade spirit made in amateur conditions the term first appeared in 1920 in the prohibitionera united states in reference to the poorquality alcohol that was being made, making bathtub gin making crude bathtub gin today the term is used loosely for any amateur distilled spirits like moonshine a modern twist grain alcohol of course is not exactly known for its refined taste

Bathtub Gin Amp Co Seattle A Speakeasy Style Bar In The

bathtub gin bottling note very high quality copper potstill spirit is infused with ingredients including juniper orange peel coriander cassia cloves and cardamom with the length of the compounding period controlled entirely by periodic sampling the result is an extraordinary gin lightly tinted by the botanicals


bathtub gin co is in a former boiler room in the back of the building in between first and second avenue in belltown a low lit multilevel lounge with a small pine bar upstairs with various liquors from around the world and comfortable tables and couches on the lower level including the intimate library in the back bathtub gin co is a , gin was preferred over other alcohol types during americas prohibition of alcohol for the simple reason that unlike whiskey and wine which took ages to refine gin could be made quickly today amateur distilled spirits like moonshine have taken place of bathtub gin in order to make this gin you need the following things a bathtub, bathtub gin is the sexy speakeasy that is notorious for its long lines and appreciated for its warm small tasteful interior good drinks and of course copper bathtub right dead center in the middle of all the action it is also notworthy that they have a solid food menu for anyone who wants to pass on libations