Home Remedies For Termites In Furniture

home remedies for termites in furniture how to get rid of termites 1 expose termites to sunlight termites are extremely susceptible to sunlight 2 wet cardboard trap a wet cardboard trap is another nontoxic way to kill termites 3 orange oil orange oil contains dlimonene an active compound that kills drywood termites on 4 , a natural and safe home remedy for getting rid of termites is using clove oil sprinkle a mixture of clove oil and water on the termite colonies for best results you may even use vetiver oil another organic remedy that prevents re infestation for a considerably long time, and since were on the topic of natural home remedies against termite infestations no list would be complete without mentioning the wonders of orange oil you apply it the same way as neem oil using a piece of cotton and spreading it liberally throughout the infested area, remedy 9 salt fill the syringe with this salt water solution and simply inject into the termite entry points pour this mixture all around the entry points and leave it to dry naturally repeat the same process daily for several days till your home gets complete relief from this termite infestation

How To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally 14 Easy Home Remedies

19 home remedies to get rid of termites termites are not seasonal pests as such the could invade your home or garden at any time of the year there are basically five types of termites drywood conehead dampwood subterranean and formosan termites the most common being drywood termite that feeds on our furniture, in order to get rid of the termites the best alternative could be some of the home remedies to kill insects that infect your wooden furniture and damage them in a long run it is advisable to look into the matter in its initial stages because these insects have the ability to destroy your home

2 diatomaceous earth diatomaceous earth is a pest killer we recommend keeping in every home this substance will kill everything from carpenter ants to termites and countless other insects the best thing is that it isnt toxic to humans or animals so there is no need to worry when using de to kill any type of pests, one of the simplest ways to get rid of termite infestation is soapy water it forms a solid seal on the outer shells of termites which makes it vulnerable for them to breath and they eventually die add 2 tablespoons of liquid dish into 4 cups of water, sodium chloride working as an insecticide sodium chloride is the next home remedy for termites that you can apply in order to spray it at your house you will need the help of cotton balls cellulose is present in table salt which drives termites to come to cotton balls and be killed by sodium chloride, here are some best home remedies to get rid of termites effectively internally hollow furniture and creaking floors are dead giveaways that tell you you need to get rid of the prolific wooddestroying pests that have found a permanent residence in your home