How Do You Clean A Stained Bathtub

how do you clean a stained bathtub

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as an alternative if you prefer natural doityourself cleaning solutions continue now for instructions and tips on how to clean and remove stains from a bathtub using only a handful of common

if your bathtub is stained it stands out and can be embarrassing especially if you are having guests over getting the tub clean will help make your whole bathroom look better this is a guide about cleaning a stained bathtub, if this is the case it is easy to refinish the tub yourself read more about the best doityourself bathtub refinishing kit we have tested some bathtubs after scouring are in fact very clean but the nature of the porous surface leaves them open to future staining bathtub and tile cleaners typically base their cleaning power on bleach, my neighbor told me how to remove heavy stains for my bathtub and shower by using only this subscribe to our youtube channel for latest health videos sub