How To Clean A Disgusting Bathtub

how to clean a disgusting bathtub 6 come back with a sponge or rag and wipe the mixture off the filth in your tub should come off very easily with practically no scrubbing when the mixture is wiped clean rinse the tub well so its not slippery 7 stare in awe at a tub thats now so fresh and clean that it looks like your landlord installed it yesterday, still in order to clean your bathroom even better you can combine it with vinegar as well citric acid it can be found in lemons oranges and the rest of citrus fruits it disinfects and deeply cleans stains dirt or grease you would like to remove

Gross Disgusting Elementary Bathroom Floor Gets Cleaned YouTube

home bathroom how to clean disgusting orange stains from your bathtub how to clean disgusting orange stains from your bathtub does your bathtub or sink have strange orange stains and youve tried to get rid of them with all sorts of products and still no results yes at some point you thought to change the bathtub or sink but stop, stain removal for acrylic tubs 2 roll up paper towels into a cylinderlike shape soak with bleach and place along the edges of the tub where the mold is after theyve sat and done their thing go in and scrub scrub scrub with all that said you should think about eventually getting around to replacing the caulk

or one pinterest user filled the jacuzzi with hot water and 2 cups of cascade complete ran it for 10 minutes and got a super clean tub baking soda and vinegar alone will get your jetted tub clean too after scrubbing the tub with baking soda fill it with water and add a few cups of vinegar before turning on the jets, how to clean tough stains from a bathtub avoid abrasive chemical cleaners when cleaning an acrylic bathtub spray the stains with vinegar distilled white vinegar makes an excellent natural cleaning solution allow the vinegar to sit for 1020 minutes wipe away the stains with a soft