How To Clean Window Blinds In Bathtub

how to clean window blinds in bathtub how to clean blinds in a bathtub step 1 line a bathtub with towels fill the bathtub with 5 inches of lukewarm water pour 2 tbsp step 2 twist the tilt wand to fully open the blinds slats step 3 lay the blind flat on the towels in the bathtub step 4 rub a clean cotton cloth across the top , next take your blinds down from the window and fill your bathtub with warm water soak the blinds in the tub for at least one hour remove the blinds from the tub and wipe any remaining dust away with a microfiber cloth wipe your blinds dry or hang them outside to air dry before placing them back in the window, the best way to clean all the blinds in your house fauxwood blinds fauxwood blinds are one of the most popular types of window coverings wood blinds most wood blinds are treated with a special finish to repel dirt and stains fabric shades cellular pleated roman fabric shades are another

The Easy Way To Clean Window Blinds Todays Homeowner

the bathtub may be used to clean blinds that seem too grimy to clean in place raise the blinds as high as possible then remove them from the holder keeping them in place

all you have to do is lay the blinds flat in your bathtub mix some dish soap and a little vinegar with a few inches of warm water and let them soak for about an hour, wash em clean add 3 drops of dish liquid into a bowl or bucket and fill with warm water take a microfibre cloth and dunk it in the mixture wring well to the point of the cloth being dampdry now twist the blind slats so they lie completely flat tilting slightly towards you so that you can slip your hand in, tips tricks use an old but clean sock preferably acrylic or polyester if your vinyl or aluminum blinds are in the kitchen where they are exposed to grease they may need a deep clean take the blinds off the window and place in a bathtub with warm water and dish soap let the blinds soak for about an hour