How To Dispose Of An Old Bathtub

how to dispose of an old bathtub

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the easiest method of hot tub disposal is one that requires other people to haul it away draining the tub and unhooking it from water and power supplies should be done before the spa removal company arrives if a crane must be used to remove it as in over a fence the cost of renting this equipment is usually added to the companys base fee

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old cast iron bathtubs can be very valuable depending on the weight and condition of your tub its resale value may be higher than its scrap value the scrap price for cast iron is about 009 per pound and cast iron tubs usually weigh around 300 pounds or more, how you dispose of the old tub will depend on the type it is cast iron tubs should be broken up with a sledgehammer because of the sheer weight do this in the bathroom so you can remove the tub in sections all other types of bathtub materials are relatively light the tub can be removed whole as long as you have some help, cover the tub with a blanket or drop cloth and be sure to wear long sleeves safety glasses and hearing protection dont expect the tub to break easily on the first swing you may have to hit the same spot repeatedly to get a crack started its hard work but at least you wont break your back trying to lift the tub in one piece