How To Fix A Cracked Bathtub

how to fix a cracked bathtub how to repair a plastic bathtub that is cracked clean the bathtub as you would normally and pay special attention to the area on top cover any cracks wider than 14 inch with a layer of fiberglass mesh that spans each side mix up your filler material according to the manufacturers , how to repair a cracked acrylic bathtub step 1 eliminate flexing if you have a crack in your acrylic bathtub step 2 halt the crack now that you have stabilized the cavities of the acrylic bathtub step 3 fill the crack to fill the crack never use an epoxy filler step 4 sand

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how to fix a crack in a fiberglass bathtub cracks in a bathroom tub are not only unsightly they can also be the cause of further damage to your bathroom if not properly repaired you will want to get a crack fixed as soon as possible to keep water from ruining the wood under and around the bathtub a fiberglass tub repair kit makes the tub a diy, how to seal a bathtub crack yourself step by step 2 fill the crack using a 2part polyester filler mix according to instructions and apply the filler to the crack with a clean rubber spreader until the stopdrill holes and the cracks are completely filledallow the filler to dry before proceeding

if you need to purchase more materials to fix your bathtub now is the time to make those purchases clean the area around the crack in the tub dry the area thoroughly before continuing sand the crack in the tub and a 1 inch radius all around the crack cut a piece of mesh to fit over the crack if necessary, a crack in the tub next to the drain can cause water to leak into the subfloor eventually causing mold and the accompanying expense of removing it if you have a crack near your tub drain repair the tub with a fiberglass repair kit designed for bathtubs