How To Fix A Faucet That Turns Too Many Times Home

how to fix a faucet that turns too many times home how to fix a faucet that turns too many times thats the original screwable valve with a threaded stem that predates all other types when you have to turn the handle too many times to shut off the water its because the washer on the end of the valve stem is worn out you wont need to call a plumber to fix it its an inexpensive part and replacing it is a simple job, during initial faucet installation or over time due to wear and tear a bathroom faucet can turn too far of course this causes the hot and cold water handles to misalign making things difficult, as the faucet gradually wears out you have to turn the handle farther to shut off the water and because the lever eventually becomes obstructed by the wall the faucet leaks this problem is easily rectified and you wont need a new faucet or even a plumber, sometimes the threads of the faucet stem become worn the easy way to correct this is to remove the faucet handle and coat the threads of the handle stem with plumbers grease and then reassemble the faucet this will usually make the handle easier to use and make the whole structure as quiet as it should be

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with the passage of time and continuous usage the gaskets and orings which seal the connections between the moving parts of metal wear out when this happens water usually drips out things to remember while shower faucet repair at home if you turn the sower faucet off and water keeps dripping out from the shower head then crank the , the water only trickles i have tried taking stem out and putting back in several times without luck how can i fix this like one of the responders when i turn the water source back on water comes out of the faucet and i cant get it to turn off with the faucet handles and looks like it might be sealed i dont want to try too

if that were the case you would probably have a leak around the tap handle if so you should be able to screw the cap nut down in which case the handle will reengage the stops you may have to giggle the handle as you wind the nut down fix 2 the next possibility is that the stops that are broken off, sorry about that i assumed it was twist to turn on i mostly see those so im guessing it goes from cold to hot to cold to hot ad infinitum sounds like theres a stop missing or broken id pull the handle off and make sure theres not a stop built on the outside of the faucet, easy instructions to fix a clogged sink and leaky faucet if too tightly fixed to unscrew by hand use slipjoint pliers turn the faucet on and wait until you have cleared any residual , it just seems check the water supply lines to the shower at the faucet handles if the fitting for the hot water line connected to the handle is loose it can twist and kink off the water supply further down the line when you turn the faucet handle