How To Get A Job On A Private Yacht

how to get a job on a private yacht superyacht positions obtaining a yacht job step 1 register with the crew network step 2 upload your cv or resume licenses and any written references you may have step 3 follow up with your local branch of the crew network step 4 prepare for interviews arrive clean cut and dressed appropriately for all interviews remember you only have one shot at making a good first impression, how to get a job on a superyacht do introduce yourself confidently and make eye contact dont approach crew at lunchtime having time to eat is more important than talking to you do stay positive just say thank you and move on to the next yacht when faced with rejection dont approach a yacht , in the following guide you will find everything you need to know in order to runaway and travel the world aboard a private luxury yacht yacht job positions the four primary positions aboard are private yacht are deckhand maid cook and engineer all of which require some degree of prior experience

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rewarding yacht crew work for those with a passion for details the yacht steward ess or the stew maintains the cleanliness of the ships interior and services guests aboard the yacht responsibilities include daily meticulous cleaning of the entire interior including all guest and common areas cleaning the cabins including the bathrooms, there are many more details about working as a yacht crew member thats why youll find many articles on this site that will give you more indepth information on subjects such as the different kinds of yachts how to get a job where to find a job job descriptions training and much more, hundreds of live jobs on yachts and superyachts jobs for yacht crew in the mediterranean caribbean usa and other locations

mega yacht crewing jobs cruisejobfinder also specializes in helping people find great yacht crew jobs on privately owned sailboats and luxury yachts this can range from a 50foot sailboat sailing through the mediterranean to a mega yacht owned by one of the worlds richest individuals which is sailing all over the globe, to get hired on a yacht with no experience you need to be in the right place at the right time have a professional resume register with luxury yacht group complete basic stcw classes build references with day work maintain contact 247 , 10 tips from the pros on how to get superyacht crew jobs 1 there are superyacht crew jobs available 2 kick start your superyacht career 3 register with crew agencies 4 be professional 5 network